Women's and Family Health

Pelvic rehabilitation

The floor muscles undergo major changes during pregnancy and childbirth.
You should seek help in situations such as
– Diastasis of the abdominal muscles;
– Inability to contract the pelvic floor muscles;
– Perineal pain/discomfort, dyspareunia and other sexual dysfunctions;
– Urinary and/or fecal incontinence;
– Pelvic organ prolapse.
Pediatricamente has differentiated itself in this area, relying on the multidisciplinary collaboration of a Urogynecologist and a Pelvic Rehabilitation Physiotherapist to carry out the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Program, which includes:
– 1st appointment – multidisciplinary assessment Urogynecologist/Physiotherapist
– Treatment sessions by a pelvic rehabilitation physiotherapist.
This rehabilitation program focuses on women with pelvic floor pathology and is individualized, with quick and consistent results that will give you back a more comfortable life!

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