Women's and Family Health

Obstetric Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a harmless diagnostic method for mother and baby, which is essential for prenatal care today.
Obstetricians need specific training and special accreditation, both by the Portuguese Medical Association and the Fetal Medicine Foundation.
The General Directorate of Health recommends that 3 ultrasounds are carried out during pregnancy, spread over the 3 trimesters.
It should be carried out at the recommended time intervals, as they are the most sensitive for detecting certain pathologies/malformations.
– 1st Trimester – Between 11 and 13 weeks
– 2nd Trimester – Between 21 and 23 weeks
– 3rd Trimester – Between 31 and 34 weeks
Early ultrasound can be performed before 11 weeks of pregnancy.
3D/4D ultrasound allows images that are close to the real thing, which contributes to the emotional preparation of the couple and the family when conceiving the baby.
At Pediatricamente, Obstetric Ultrasound is performed by professionals of excellence and using state-of-the-art equipment. Book your ultrasounds in advance to ensure that they take place at the optimum time intervals.

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