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Conscious Pregnancy Consultation

Pregnancy and parenthood are life challenges that are still fraught with beliefs, taboos, unspoken ideas, shame, guilt and insecurities.

Questions like:

“Will I be a good enough mum/dad?”
“What will my life be like from now on?”,
“What will my baby be like?”

These are just some of the thoughts that come to parents, but which are so rarely talked about.

A conscious pregnancy makes it possible to recognise not only the needs of the baby, from the womb to birth, but also those of the parents, who are facing the first moments of the challenging and demanding exercise of parenthood.

The Conscious Pregnancy Consultation aims to be a space to support pregnant women and parents-to-be, with a view to greater self-knowledge and support in discovering and defining educational practices that are more conscious and, above all, in line with the parents they want to be for their baby.

Conscious Pregnancy Consultation

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