Baby Massage Course

Infant massage is a set of manual techniques performed by parents, the benefits of which have been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies.
Its main benefits are: Stimulation; Relief; Interaction; Relaxation.

It is quality time for the family where love, tolerance, empathy, imitation and respect are worked on, promoting bonding and mutual knowledge.

Baby Massage Course

Physiotherapist Sílvia Conde

Physiotherapist in pediatrics and women’s health

Professional Card No. C-007599072

Degree in Physiotherapy;

Post-graduate degree in Pediatric Physiotherapy;

Training in Integrative Pediatric Manual Therapy:

– Assessment and treatment of lumbar-pelvic and lower limb dysfunctions

– Assessment and treatment of neuro-orthopedic cervical pathology

– Assessment and treatment of developmental disorders in babies

– Assessment and treatment of orofacial dysfunctions in breastfeeding

Respiratory physiotherapy;

Physiotherapy for infant colic;

Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM);

Instructor of the Massage in Schools Program (MISA);

International trainer for the Massage in Schools Program (MISA).

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