Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists work in various areas of intervention with people of all ages, the aim of which is always to promote functionality, autonomy and independence in order to improve quality of life, well-being and participation.

Occupational Therapy works in Pediatrics, covering various problems in the cognitive, sensory-motor, psychological and psychosocial components, in children who have difficulties in different areas of performance (activities of daily living, production and leisure), considering their different domains in a holistic way and from a perspective of family, educational and social integration.

It thus emphasizes the development of skills that enable children to play, learn, communicate and relate to others effectively, take care of themselves and learn, using, if necessary, devices and strategies suited to their needs.
The Occupational Therapist is a senior health technician who acts in the prevention, assessment and treatment of occupational performance problems, enabling the person at risk of or with occupational dysfunction to carry out day-to-day occupations.
These occupations consist of the set of activities that the person needs to carry out and/or considers important in order to give their life meaning and significance.

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