Sleep Consultation for Babies and Children

Sleep is a basic and essential function for healthy physical, mental and social development. In children, as well as being important for endocrine functions such as the production of growth hormone, it also plays a fundamental role in the growth and development of the central nervous system and, consequently, in learning.
This consultation can be done in person or online throughout the country.

In the sleep consultation at Pediatricamente, we try to:
  • Support parents in understanding, preventing and resolving sleep problems, taking into account the child’s characteristics, family dynamics and family philosophy.
  • Inform about sensitive periods in the child’s development that can lead to sleep regressions, so that parents are prepared and know how to respond to these periods.
  • If necessary, work with the child on the meaning of sleep and the importance of sleep for their health, as well as fears and anxieties (requires a face-to-face consultation).

Peaceful and regular sleep allows for greater emotional stability for the child and the family, favoring attachment, development and learning.

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