Joana Alho

Speech Therapist

Academic Background and Training

  • Degree in Speech Therapy from the University of Algarve (2005-2009)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Neuropsychological Intervention: Assessment and Rehabilitation from INSPSIC (2016-2017)
  • Registration with the Order of Senior Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technicians with Professional Card No. C-032084188
  • Certificate of Pedagogical Skills for Trainers (CCP) (2013)
  • Awareness-raising session: Neurodidactic approach to the deafblind population (2017)

Training: Assessment and Therapeutic Intervention in Childhood Stuttering (2016)
Lecture on Autism – The Son-Rise Program (2016)
Workshop: Executive Functions in Autism (2015)
Course: 1st Edition Autism Spectrum Disorders: Specificities of Assessment and Intervention (2014)
Lecture: “Asperger’s Syndrome” (2014)
Course: Dyslexia; Autism – Augmentative Communication; Seminar on Special Education for quality educational practice (2012)
Seminar: Dyslexia (2011)
Seminar: Structured Teaching and Functional Skills in Autism Spectrum Disorders (2011)
Training: Speech Therapists in Cleft Lip and Palate (2010)
Workshop: Language and Speech Disorders in Children (2009)
Training: Speech Therapist Intervention in Reading and Writing Disorders (2008)
Training Course: Speech Therapy in Dysarthria: Intelligibility (2008)
Speaker at awareness-raising events: “Autism – the role of the operational assistant”; “Autism at School”; “Practical Voice Course”; “Language Development – Warning Signs”; “Autism: 1st meeting of Parents and Professionals”.

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