Enf.ª Susana Vicente

Nurse Breastfeeding Advisor

Academic Background and Training

  • Specialist nurse in child health and pediatrics; breastfeeding counselor.
  • Graduated in nursing from Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Faro, 2002.
  • Registered with the Order of Nurses under No. 39521, 2001.
  • Training course for trainers, 2005.
  • Breastfeeding Counselor (WHO/UNICEF course), 2007.
  • Master’s degree in Psychology, specializing in health psychology, from the University of Algarve, 2009.
  • Postgraduate degree in child health nursing and pediatrics, Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra, 2012.
  • Internships as part of the postgraduate course: medicine service at Coimbra Pediatric Hospital, Eiras Health Center, pediatric emergency service and neonatal intensive care unit at CHUA – Faro, APPC – Faro.
  • Integration in the breastfeeding corner team at Faro hospital, 2007- 2018.

Areas of interest:

Breastfeeding and breastfeeding counseling/consultations for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

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