Dr.ª Rita Guapo

Clinical psychologist

Academic Background and Training

  • She has a degree in Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology;
  • Accredited trainer by the Scientific Council of the University of Minho in Health Education and
  • Health and Counseling and Guidance Practices;
  • Effective member of the Order of Psychologists, with professional card no. 513;
  • Psychologist specializing in Educational Psychology and Clinical Psychology.
  • Postgraduate in Positive Parenting;
  • Certified Educator in Positive Discipline by the Positive Discipline Association (USA);

She has also worked as a school psychologist since 2006, providing psychological intervention and vocational guidance to children, young people and families.

She provides training to parents, teachers and operational assistants, mainly in the areas of parenting and education.

She works with parents, families, teachers and educators so that they can become more aware of the path they build with children and young people every day, always from a positive perspective and focusing on the importance of awareness and affective relationships in education. Further information.

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